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内容摘要:The U.S. Can’t Afford to Demonize China美国承担不起妖魔化中国的代价(上)The United States and China’s lengthy track record of constructive engagement is dis...

The U.S. Can’t Afford to Demonize China

The United States and China’s lengthy track record of constructive engagement is disintegrating at an alarming rate, requiring a major correction by both sides. Despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s occasional talk of his “truly great” connection with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Xi’s constant references to “win-win” outcomes all round, recent policies and actions — especially on the U.S. side — have created an enormously destructive dynamic in the relationship.

In the case of the United States, this dynamic is most clearly driven by excessively critical, often hostile, authoritative U.S. strategy documents such as the recently issued National Security and National Defense Strategies, similar statements by senior U.S. officials, and U.S. economic policy shifts — including grossly ill-conceived tariffs — that all envision Beijing as a “revisionist” power that threatens all Americans hold dear.

American journalists reinforce this dim view of U.S.-Chinese relations. Almost daily, pundits unveil new aspects of China’s perfidy, ranging from Chinese attempts to undermine intellectual freedom at U.S. universities to China’s sinister debt traps designed to ensnare and control developing countries.

This steady drumbeat of criticism assumes that every Chinese gain comes at American expense, and that past U.S. policymakers and experts have long overlooked the hostility of the Chinese regime. These critics conclude that any cooperation with China must take a back seat to the imperative of pushing back against the growing threat through all means possible.

phillip 11 hr ago
haven't read such excellent article for a long while. hope more of this that can give both sides a wake up call to remove the distrust. The world is so big for all countries to co-exist...

Howard 15 hr ago
Finally a clear mind speaks

Raymond 8 hr ago
After saying not to demonizing China, and berating the press for wild "distortions", he went on do exactly the same thing by saying China stole our technologies ("commercial theft"). There is no evidence of that. China paid for technology transfers often putting up land, factories, and labor in joint ventures with American companies who put up technology. American companies, vying for bigger share of the Chinese market, voluntarily and for financial benefits, agreed to those transfers, most of the technologies so transfered being already obsolete decades ago.

Mingo 14 hr ago
They are busy in doing business. They already discard all ideology long time ago. White cat or black cat? The cat who catch mice is a good cat. Only American are looking for freedom and human right for other countries people.

factswelcome 13 hr ago
It seems the American effort to demonize China is not working too well. Case in point. 86 nations, including 5 of the group of 7 nations, joined the Chinese led AIIB in a mere two and a half year. 68 nations are embracing the China led Belt and Road Initiative....

Brendan 12 hr ago
They can work well together, as long as the US puts down its ego/fear/insecurity about a peer power and put those efforts into building a positive relationship. I also have a feeling that China will be quite willing to forge on ahead with out without the US, and with more than 4 times the population than the US, and its still-rising middle class, there is a clear possibility it will be more than a peer in the near future.

Pastor 71 15 hr ago
Why not call a spade a spade.

Zep Head 12 hr ago
Give me a break. We've been demonizing them for DECADES. Big American corporation moves a plant to China, and we say that they "stole" our jobs...because it's a lot better than admitting that greedy corporations did it, and let's not forget the government giving those big businesses tax breaks to do it. We've been blaming the Chinese for everything. Maybe our own people are too brainwashed to notice it, but the rest of the world knows it and they're starting to pay less and less attention to our BS.





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